Hotel suave kobe asuta situated close to monument of Tetsujin No.28. 10 minutes by train to center of Kobe. It is very useful for bussiness trip and sightseeing.

Guest room

We prepared 3types room,with confortable bed and private bathroom.

towel,Bath towel,tooth brash, Shampoo,Rinse,Body soap,face&hand soap,razor,hair brash,Night gown,Slippers,coffee,Green tea, deodorant spray.

Room Facilities
Private bath/ Toilet/shower/ Individual Temperature Control/Toilet with Automatic Douche/TV/Refrigerator/ Trouser Presser/Scale/Hair dryer

[Lending Items]Humidifier/Air cleaner/Rental PC/Desk lamp/Iron/Sewingkit Wired internet (Free/All guest room)

※We can prepare Non-smoking room
Twin Room

Twin Room

Atype 22㎡ Bedsize 1100×1950
Btype 23㎡ Bedsize 1200×1950
Have the preparations for trip comfortably in a bathroom made widely.

Single room

Single room

16㎡ Bedsize 1200×1950 Please
take a rest well by comfortable bed.              

Double room

Double room

Please spend the precious time only for two comfortably.
Bedsize is 1400×1950
As a deluxe single room, I accept staying in one.